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Date Event Time
13-15 March „Dani Prakse“, Faculty of Organisational Scineces 10 - 16h
19 March Lecture: A road to the first working experience, Faculty of Economy (Novi Sad) 10h
18 - 19 April Belgrade Youth Fair 10h - 16h
16 May Soft Skills Academy 12h
17 May Open Day, WATFOI conference 10h - 16h
18 May Open IT, FON 18h
20 May Lecture: "Revizija i konsalting: mitovi i istine" - Faculty of Economy (Belgrade) 18h
27 May PwC's Open Day 14h
„Belgrade Youth Fair“
„Belgrade Youth Fair“

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Nikola Grozdanic

Human Resources, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 62 88 33 427

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