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Management Essential Skills - New Managers programme

New Managers Programme 

Series of 3 modules on key topics for professional development of successful managers with Mr. Tim Kemp

Management essential Skills

Module 1: Focus on Self -  the critical role and abilities of the Manager

This module will focus on the fundamentals of management functions and skills. During this introductory first module managers will understand and enhance essential skills and behaviors: being good role model, prioritising, taking decisions and creating and maintaining healthier and trustful workplace. Managers will learn more on why and how to look after their selves in order to manage stress better and build resilience. 


  • Role and importance of the Manager

  • Prioritisation

  • Expectations and clarity 

  • Decision making

  • How our brains react to stress

  • How do we build resilience

  • How do we create a healthier workplace

  • Own image and behavior in terms of building and re-building trust


Module 2: Focus on Others -  the impact we have on managing others

If the first module of the program was about ourselves, this module is about the impact we have on others. We will focus on how change invariably generates a range of responses in the people we manage – from resistance and disapproval to quieter denial and depression. As  Managers it is important to know how to help people re-engage.


  • The art of delegating

  • The skill of giving (and receiving) effective feedback

  • Ways of influencing upwards

  • The neurological drivers that affect performance

  • Holding critical conversations

  • Dealing with unhelpful emotions

  • Using coaching to improve performance


Module 3: Focus on Business - from effectiveness to shaping trends in people management

The last module is about business effectiveness.  Or, if you like, the link between individual performance and business contribution. We will rehearse and last but not least, we will look at the future. What are the trends in people management that we need to be aware of? And how do we create a workplace that is open to innovation?


  • Managing performance

  • Defining and measuring meaningful performance metrics

  • Dealing with a diverse and multi-generational workforce

  • Creative thinking

  • The need for leadership and

  • Creating high performing teams

Management essential Skills  - new management programme information
Module 1

October 25, 29 , 2021

09:00am -12:30pm CET both days
Module 2 November 23, 24, 2021 09:00am -12:30pm  CET both days
Module 3 December 15, 16, 2021 09:00am -12:30pm  CET both days

Fee: 450 eur + VAT

Language: English

Registration and information:


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