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I am very pleased with the whole program as it gave me perfect opportunity to enhance my HR related knowledge and necessary skills. Program was very well managed by our tutor, who was very supportive. Above this I had a great opportunity to extend my network and meet great HR colleagues during this course . I would be more that happy to continue with my CIPD study for diploma if this opportunity will be available in Belgrade. This unit was very useful for me as it made me understand the main principles of reward management. I got insight into what company needs to do in terms of reward management in order to attract, engage and retain the key talents. The concept of total reward including intrinsic and extrinsic motivation is something I would like to spread among my team and people managers as it is crucial in motivating and engaging employees. Understanding of meritocracy in the work place and actions that can be taken to prevent bias and discrimination is something I will foster in my organization. And the last but not the least, understanding the role of line managers in establishing fair, consistent and transparent reward management will help me to support them further.

Žaklina Teofilović (RWM) , Head of HR, SR Technics

The real functionality and both external and internal visibility of HR can be easily presented through Reward management. This module shows what is a concrete added value of human resources department in the business context. It brings both performance and behavior in one place. Investigating the business and the market, as well as the company culture, performance and behavior, we have learned how to gather all the needed data and use it to make an excellent Reward strategy and keep our stakeholders happy.

Jovana Mikasinovic (RWM), HR Business Partner, Avast

Studying CHR module made me think thoroughly about the contexts of my organization and influences affecting it. I was brainstorming with different stakeholders in preparing the SWOT analysis and will use those insights in identifying how/where HR can contribute more in achieving company’s strategy. Considering we had two major changes recently, I got a useful understanding of HR’s role in managing change and what we could have done better to avoid decrease of employees’ morale. Going forward, I will also focus more on HR analytics in decision making process, as well as demonstrating and improving HR investments.

Sandra Kapičić (CHR), HR Manger, Adriatic marinas

Information in HR unit was a very practical place to start working on my usage of HR metrics and analytics (the goal, reflected in my CPD plan). The most useful part of the module was about types of research, how to critically evaluate different research types, and how to make sure that I can drive meaningful insights from the research. A minor but very relevant insight for me, I found an enormous quantity of useful research, especially the research that is being done by CIPD, and also Gallup. These were very useful readings to me, and I see that there are more, on topics that interest me for business work. Thank you!

Yuliya Rak (UIN), Head of T&D, JT International

I found this Unit, Using Information in Human Resources, very usefull for me. I was always struggling with data "reading" and using it, but Unit was a real game changer for me. Now, I'm able to read, understand and use data for any course of action in our HR Department. Furthermore, now I'm able to compare different data across the organization and make the action plans. First hours of Unit were crucial, as our teacher was trying very hard to make necessary explanations to all of us. Overall, I'm very pleased and can't wait for our next unit.

Enisa Selmanović-Salkić (UIN), Head of Legal & HR

CHR unit, within CHRM programme, provided me with the knowledge and a better understanding of the broader picture of the company's functioning. I find that very important for my further career development. This particular lesson enabled me to understand better how different forces (models of HR function, HR strategy, insights and solutions etc.) impact HR agenda. By learning that I have realized some of the challenges we are going to encounter in my company. Now, I'm also more aware of the potential of my and departmental influence on the formulation and implementation of business strategy, as well as of some new forms of monitoring and evaluating the success of HR strategy within business strategy. In everyday work, I find most benefitial the knowledge of tools for the environment analysis because they enable us to make adequate decisions on time, and to implement change management initiatives, such as stakeholder analyses, communication of changes, annuling resistance to changes etc.

Mia Bogešić Hrstić, Human Resources Specialist, Iskon Internet Plc.

The experience and knowledge gained on the job help us deal with daily business challenges. On the paths out of a challenge we are often on our own, lacking the chance to share our knowledge so as to assess its value or enrich our learning. On the other hand, the situation within the Human Resources (HR) Sector is different. The CIPD CHRM Programme is designed to build the HR community, to integrate the knowledge of less experienced and highly experienced HR professionals, and have it developed and structured respectively. The power of the Programme lies in the fact that it brings together the human side of the business, the project approach and the strategic way of thinking, paving the road for the HR Function to become the key driver in any organisation. The CIPD gives us an opportunity to bring together aspects such as people care and business performance, and make the business environment a better place. This is why I take pride in being part of the CIPD community, and I hope that it will continue to expand and develop in the future.

Djordje Malenovic, HR Manager, Leoni

CIPD CHRM programme was organized and delivered very professionally. Individual and group needs of the participants were actively monitored and taken into consideration. Lectures are relevant, current and in line with the latest trends in human resource management. Additionally, the topics cover a wide range of HR aspects. Programme calendar is designed in a way that makes it possible to fit into the busy personal calendars. Personally, this programme helped me to consolidate certain knowledge and practices, and to get to know and better understand areas in which I have not had experience so far.

Jelena Uscebrka Ilic, Learning and Development Manager, Lafarge BFC, Serbia

CIPD CHRM program has systematically enriched my theoretical and practical knowledge in HR management. When writing assessment papers, I found out that some of the recommended literature was extremely useful and I continue to use it. Also, the experience and advice of lecturers and participants from other companies were of great help and importance when developing and upgrading the HR functions in my company, that only began to develop in that sense.

Ivana Bunjevac, HR Manager, Agro Fructus Group, Croatia

CIPD CHRM programme is an excellent opportunity for HR professionals to expand their perspective, systematize existing and gain new knowledge. Every HR professional can benefit from this programme, particularly those who are experts/specialists in an HR area and wish to grow their knowledge in other HR areas as well, and those who are in transition from operational HR work to managing and creating HR strategies in the organization. The beauty and usefulness of the programme rests on the participants and on the extant to which they use the opportunities it provides. These opportunities are countless – access to the resources, interaction with other participants, consultations with the tutor, lectures, etc.

Bojana Mucic, HR Manager for Commercial, Coca Cola HBC Serbia

CIPD is a great way to learn more, meet and extend your network, not only by learning and reading, but also through the exchange of opinions and different business cases and situations. Studying CIPD gave me invaluable experience – it made it possible for me to implement theoretical knowledge into the real life situations and strengthen my self-confidence about various HR topics.

Aleksandar Joksic, Head of Operations, British Council, Serbia

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