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Corporate Governance made simple with Dr. Constantine Kiritsis


This 1 day course offers a holistic approach to Corporate Governance. It begins with an understanding of the concept and the rationale behind its importance in the 21st era.

It covers all the main points required for companies to set up and create an effective and efficient corporate governance framework such as the role of the boards, the non - executive directors, analysing stakeholders, issues of independence, conflict of interest and ethical dilemmas.

Corporate Governance actually begins by understanding that it is essential to have solid knowledge of risk and the management of risk. This in turn creates the internal controls required. 



Areas covered

The “Governance concept” – Why Governance?

  • History
  • Concept

Ownership & Control

  • Agency theory
  • Transaction theory

Professional Values, Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility

  • Rationale
  • Theories & models
  • Conflicts of interest and related party transactions
  • Ethical issues & approaches
  • Videos & discussion

Key concepts & issues in Corporate Governance

  • Ethical cases
  • Corporate code of ethics

Stakeholders analysis as a requirement for good Corporate Governance

  • Mapping & strategy
  • Analysing & dealing with stakeholders

Types of corporate governance frameworks

  • Rules based (i.e. SoX)
  • Principles based (i.e. Principles)
  • International institutions (i.e. OECD)
  • Public sector governance
  • Analysis

Audit and other standing committees

  • Committees
  • Role & composition
  • Best practice 

Board of Directors

  • Types 
  • The role of non - executives (NED’s)
  • Board policies
  • Documentation, Agenda and minutes
  • Composition of the Board
  • Skill mix & diversity
  • Corporate secretary
  • Best practice

Board evaluation 

  • Methods
  • Best practice

Board remuneration

  • Remuneration basics
  • The role of the remuneration committee
  • Best practice

Risk Management & Internal Controls

  • Understanding risk as a CG requirement
  • Risk management process
  • Risk identification & analysis
  • Risk strategy
  • Monitoring risk
  • ERM

Internal controls towards effective CG

  • Risks & controls
  • Embedding sound systems
  • The role of Internal Audit
  • Relationship with External auditors

Checklist – How effective is your corporate governance?

  • 15steps  to evaluate and appraise for your organisation

Who teaches the programme

Dr. Constantine Kiritsis is Curriculum development expert for PwC’s Academy  in Serbia, consultant & professional trainer for PwC in the CEE (for ACCA, CIMA, CIA) as well as part time lecturer for the American College of Greece (MBA). 

Full biography: Dr. Constantine Kiritsis

6 October 2016

9:00 – 17:00h 


PwC’s Academy

Airport City, Omladinskih brigada 88a, 11070 Belgrade


250 €+ VAT, payable in RSD

220 €+ VAT, payable in RSD *special price for Mini MBA Alumni


Training will be delivered in
English language

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Vanja Stokic

Vanja Stokic

Manager, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

Jelena Jovanovic

Jelena Jovanovic

Coordinator, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

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