Strategy and transformation of companies

Growth and change are part of life - companies should not lose sight of this phenomenon. Having a strategy for sustainable growth and innovation while reducing costs and exploiting talented employee potential is equally important as being able to respond quickly and creatively to opportunities in a rapidly changing environment.
Our team of specialists takes the time to become acquainted with clients and the operational challenges they are facing. They apply their local and international skills to help clients review their business procedures and decide on the strategy that best suits their business needs. Our experience from a wide range of industries and markets allows us to develop and implement best practice solutions and help our clients to improve operations.
Some of the services provided by PwC's Team of Specialists in Strategy and Enterprise Transformation
Identifying the company’s strategy and creating enhancements

Identifying the company’s strategy and creating enhancements:

  • Identifying the company’s overall strategy and long-term plans
  • Brand management and marketing strategy
  • Sales and purchase management
  • Market Research
  • Commercial Due Dilligence
  • Developing a digital transformation strategy and implementation plan

Organisational enhancement

Organisational enhancement:

  • Improving/Defining  target operating model
  • Organisational restructuring
  • Defining employee key roles and responsibilities
  • Post merger integration and change management
  • Benchmarking analysis
  • Optimisation of the number of employees

Improving operational efficiency

Improving operational efficiency:

  • Product category management
  • Distribution channels, segments and product mix
  • Working capital optimisation
  • Cost reduction
  • Supply chain management
  • Profitability analysis with a view to improving profitability
  • Improving retail operations
  • Assistance in evaluating and selecting suppliers/distributors
  • Selection of plant location

Finance - strategy and transformation


  • Budget planning process optimisation and design

  • Optimisation of controlling activities

  • Costing process optimisation 

  • Cash flow optimisation