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My internship at PwC started about 3 months ago. At the beginning when I got list of tasks it looked difficult, but I soon realised that it is important not to hesitate to ask colleagues for any kind of help. This job has influence on private life because of travels and working hours during busy season, and that was little unexpected so it is important to be well organized and to appreciate free time. It is a really pleasure to work with people who share their knowledge generously. One of the most important values in PwC is team spirit and cooperation. I strongly recommend PwC, because it is a great opportunity to be a part of big, successful company and to improve skills that could be useful wherever you go later in life.

Luka Petrovic, Intern in Assurance Services

Five months before I was given the opportunity for internship in department of audit in PwC. In addition, in a short time I have learned a lot about the audit process, learned how do the companies from different industries operate, improved the business communication skills and my business English, and what I think is the most important thing– I have learned to cope and adapt to the various situations and I realized the importance of teamwork. I realized how much respect and trust are important, as well as the good mood in order to easily overcome the pressure. The great advantage of teamwork is also the possibility of learning from others. Only in teamwork two plus two can be five. Teamwork and working with different people on different projects made it possible to easily integrate and fit into the PwC culture, especially because I was surrounded by peers who were always willing to give me help and support, to generously share their knowledge and answer all of my questions. Working at PwC is an investment in knowledge, personal and professional development, better future. If you like challenges and dynamics, if you have team spirit, want to learn and continually work on yourself, sign up. Audit is more than accounting. Internship at PwC is more than just practice.

Natalija Nesovanovic, Intern in Audit


Nikola Grozdanić

Nikola Grozdanić

Ljudski resursi, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 62 88 33 427

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