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Human Capital & Career Management with Dr. Constantine Kiritsis



Theme: Know the trends & manage your career in the 21st  century “workplace” 


What has changed?

These past 10 years have been very interesting and challenging in terms of employment, training and education, mainly due to the incorporation of the internet that offered cheap communication and a series of numerous new opportunities.

Employees: Know the facts, learn how to stay employable!

Employers: Know what the future of work will look like to attract the right talent!

  • What are companies looking for?
  • Technical vs Behavioral competencies.
  • “Soft” vs “Hard skills”
  • Do I need a degree or a professional qualification?
  • How often should I update my knowledge?

A few facts

  • The talent pool has become larger than ever as we are competing globally, not locally,
  • How the “war on talent” is being won by “talent”,
  • Diversity is increasing requiring a global mindset and cultural appreciation,
  • The number of academic degree holders has increased significantly making the issue of differentiation and “standing out” more difficult,
  • University education is not keeping its traditional promise of helping graduates find jobs,
  • Professional Qualifications are becoming more and more popular in a wider variety of disciplines, offering alternatives to professionals who want to differentiate,
  • The term “Job” is being replaced by “work” and – in many instances, “project”,
  • Employees are switching employers faster than ever, thus requiring them to be agile and produce results faster,
  • Professionals need to update their knowledge at a minimum pace of every 2 years due to changes,
  • Free-lance, and personal branding is on the rise compared to the situation in the 20th century,
  • Behavioral aspects, communication skills and other “soft” skills are at the forefront of performance appraisals in organisations,
  • Employees are creating their own holistic personal brand through social media (i.e. linkedin)…

      …the list goes on…

How does one cope with these constant challenges

Career Management and thinking innovatively in terms of one’s career has become more important than ever as we will all change settings at a greater pace.

We need to constantly update our skills and constantly develop ourselves to cope with the amazing technological advances that are affecting employment, business, research, science and education (among other).


The Agenda

  1. Our hyper – connected world
  2. The future of work
  3. The relationship between education & the workplace and how it’s changing
  4. Why “office” is a verb!
  5. Employment:  A corporate view. What are companies looking for?
  6. Technology as an enabler
  7. Career path: Career changes – Why, How, What…
  8. Steps companies can take to attract, retain & motivate the best talent
  9. Professional vs Academic Degrees / Qualifications; What is my best option?
  10. The future of education & new business models – From degrees to qualifications to Continuing professional development to MOOOC’s & personalized learning
  11. Age & Demographics: How important are they?
  12. HR trends – 2016 and beyond
  13. New trends in learning: Distance Learning, blended learning, on-line…What are they? How reliable & valid are they? (video).
  14. Key steps – Summary & takeaways

All of the above topic areas will be reinforced with videos and statistical findings


Who should attend

Professionals, Managers, HR officers, Educational Counselors, Career advisors and Students to boost their knowledge base &/or their career.

Dr. Constantine Kiritsis is Curriculum development expert for PwC’s Academy  in Serbia, consultant & professional trainer for PwC in the CEE (for ACCA, CIMA, CIA) as well as part time lecturer for the American College of Greece (MBA).

He has extensive experience in education and professional training, as former Head of PwC Academy in Greece and by setting up Globaltraining in the late 1990’s in Greece and serving as a Partner & Executive Director for close to a decade.

Full biography Dr. Constantine Kiritsis

PwC’s Academy

Airport City, Omladinskih brigada 88a, 11070 Belgrade


250 €+ VAT, payable in RSD

220 €+ VAT, payable in RSD
*special price for Mini MBA Alumni


Training will be delivered in English language

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