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Employment Law 

Employment Law capability sits within PwC Legal but is also one of the main capabilities comprising People and Organization.

We work with clients in a range of situations to mitigate or minimize employment and workforce related risk and issues. In addition we also provide advice in areas such as employee relations, formalizing and making amendments to working terms and conditions, new policy design and implementation as well as representing our clients in court when the need arises.

Client issues
  • Compliance concerns or failures relating to employment legislation in global organizations or those expanding into new territories.
  • Ineffective employee relation services and/or expensive employment relationships.
  • Complex employment cases/incidents requiring external advice or insight
  • Rigid employment relationships that prevent the company from reaching its targets.
  • Lack of clarity on risks around multi-territory implementations of new policies, processes and employee data storage.
  • Reduction of legal and risk based costs within organization structure and workforce in general.
  • Complexity on an Externalisation Process.
  • Complexity due to the lack of harmonization of workers conditions.
  • Risks derived from the services rendered by third parties: contractors and self employed individuals.


Employment Tax and Benefits

An employer’s remuneration expense is often its largest cost. It comprises wages and benefits paid to its employees, the employment taxes and other statutory on-costs paid to the authorities and the expense of administering the entire process.

In the Employment Tax and Benefits capability, we take a proactive and global approach to the often ‘neglected’ costs and on-costs associated with remunerating a workforce. We identify ways to reduce an employer’s workforce liability without reducing the size of its workforce.

The capability brings together specialists able to support employers with:

  • Administering their employment compliance obligations, including minimizing costs and managing risk;
  • Optimizing the efficiency of their payroll and administration functions;
  • Developing commercial and effective employee health care programs;
  • Analyzing employee remuneration and reimbursement data to identify inadvertent error or fraud;
  • Assisting in vendor management reviews.



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