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Glossary of the most used terms and phrases in accounting, auditing, finance and business

PwC Serbia is proud to inform you that we have published a second revised and enlarged edition of a Glossary of the most used terms and phrases in accounting, auditing, finance and business.

The glossary comprises pairs of words and terms and phrases in the English and Serbian languages. It is intended for a wide audience such as students, graduates, translators and all those working in the above areas whose job requirements involve reading and translating documents prepared in the English language. It has been prepared by drawing upon the Language Services bilingual lexicography compiled over a 10-year period, in other words, a file of approximately 5000 words and phrases created based on meticulously stored terms that require proper understanding, as well on the of the Language Services Team knowledge gained through personal involvement in the translation of financial statements, audit and other technical documentation.

With this glossary PwC hopes for making it easier for non-native speakers of English to use foreign accounting literature and to effectively apply the International Financial Reporting Standards. Furthermore, our aim is to provide support to all those involved in the preparation and presentation of financial statements in overcoming the difficulties in understanding and translating accounting and auditing terms from English into Serbian, to contribute in harmonising the complex accounting and auditing terminology in the Serbian language applied by translators and those involved in the translation of financial documents, all with a view to ultimately improving transparency and corporate governance in businesses operating in Serbia.

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