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Data is the modern currency, with value that extends far beyond the organisation that collects and owns it. The challenge for businesses is to make the best use of the huge volume of people data that’s available, in order to compete and thrive in the ever evolving digital economy.

HR sits on the biggest set of untapped data in the organisation. In a world exploding with potential, the power of data-led insight is revolutionising business decisions. The way you embrace people analytics, and the huge opportunities it captures, will greatly affect your business.


PayWell Compensation and benefits survey

A good compensation system is essential for an effective motivation of employees at workplace and for making the company attractive to potential employees. The PayWell Salary and Benefits Survey Report is a tool created to help HR professionals and decision-makers in companies to develop competitive HR policies that will attract, motivate and retain talent and support the business strategy.

PayWell survey is conducted yearly and gathers companies from different industries on Serbian market.

PayWell Salary and Benefits Survey Report provides specific information relating to the following three key areas:

  • Salary ranges for general and specific jobs for the whole market and each sector separately,
  • Compensation policies,
  • Benefits policies.

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Saratoga is a unique HR metrics system for measuring and benchmarking Human capital. It helps you identify the strategic impact of your people, as well as to benchmark yourself against peers in the marketplace in order to identify areas of risk or efficiency, and to evidence best practice and innovation.

Satatoga survey is conducted each year and provides robust database of different HR and Human Capital metrics and data.

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Traditional employee satisfaction survey

As employees are a critical factor for the business success of any company, you cannot afford to be uninformed on their views with regard to issues concerning them. Employee surveys can provide a fairly objective and quick insight into the preferences of employees, issues that concern and demotivate them, their commitment and morale, job satisfaction, company culture and communication patterns. Employee satisfaction survey results provide information about employee engagement, motivation and attitudes that generates inputs for creation of revenant initiatives that will support employee engagement.


Puls survey

Traditional employee engagement surveys are affected by time bound limitations which can reduce the effectiveness of HR interventions. The me@ solution provides real time insight to business through recording and analyzing employee psychology, behavior and actions in real time. It is an application that is installed on employee smart phone or tablet.

How does it work?

  • The application samples individual experiences in the moment, asking short questions about the preceding half hour
  • These results are aggregated over time to provide a wealth of consistent, reliable and real time data
  • On average, individuals are ‘buzzed’ twice a day, although they have the option to increase this as high as five times or as low as once. Each time they are asked an average of 5 – 10 short questions. A typical employee will spend a maximum of 2 minutes per day using me@

Employees are getting personalized feedback on their wellbeing which motivates them to be active, while the employer receives a feedback loop measured in minutes, not months.


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