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Saratoga is a unique HR metrics system for human capital measurement and benchmarking.  It helps organisations identify employees’ performance/impact on the company, and benchmark the company against the market. 

What do I get by participating in Saratoga Survey?

By participating in Saratoga Survey you will receive a Report that you will be able use for the purpose of measuring your employees’ performance/impact on the company, as well as the business impact of your HR function. You will be able to measure the effectiveness of the HR function, and to identify inefficiencies and risk areas. You will be able to compare your own business performance with the performance of your competitors, and have it benchmarked against best market practices. You will be able to identify opportunities for organisational structure improvements as well as areas for cost reduction

How do I register to participate in the Survey?

To register for participation in Saratoga Survey, please send your Letter of Interest via email at

How long does it take to do the Survey?

The time you need to complete the survey depends on the availability of internal data. When data are easily available, the questionnaire may be completed in less than a day. In February, we will organise a workshop where we will go step-by-step through all report items requiring data submission. During the Saratoga questionnaire completion process, PwC’s team will be happy to help you with putting in the required information.

Can I get a copy of the Report if I do not participate in the Survey?

Companies not participating in Saratoga Survey can buy a copy of a reporting package. Depending on your requirements, PwC can provide you with a tailor-made service that suits best your particular needs. However, it is always our recommendation that a company should participate in the survey as, by going through the whole process, the company will get a deeper understanding of the data and the ways that they may be used, on top of the fact that report prices are more favourable for participating companies.

What if I do not have the necessary information to complete the Saratoga Survey Questionnaire?

Saratoga survey questionnaire is used to gather available and easily accessible information. It is our recommendation that a company should put in all required information for the report to be as relevant and detailed as possible. However, if certain information is unavailable to you, you should not be restricted from participating in the survey. 

What if the format of my data does not correspond the type prescribed by Saratoga Survey?

During the survey, PwC consultants will be available to help you with any issues that you may have. Together with you, we will find the best possible solution to have your data format adjusted to the prescribed type of format.

Which industries are covered by Saratoga Survey?

Saratoga Survey is focused on all industry sectors and aims to cover as many industries as possible.  The number and the size of industries will depend on the number of companies taking part in the survey. Industries covered by the survey include: the banking industry, the information and telecommunications industry, the retail and fast moving consumer goods industry, the industrial sector of the economy and other sectors. Saratoga Report provides industry reports, as well as an overview of overall market results. 

How do I know that my data will remain confidential?

All client information received during the survey will be treated as strictly confidential. Each questionnaire will be password-protected. A limited number of consultants will be engaged on the Survey, and only such parties will have access to the information received.  The data received will be processed and presented as a statistical overview.  

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