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Cyber security risk

Cyber security risk

Cybersecurity risk is a principle enterprise risk which has long been comfortably settled into executives’ agendas. It is the inevitable companion of the flourishing digitalization, but it goes far beyond information technology.

Despite the advanced security technologies and the evolving cybersecurity practices, diverse failures are commonplace. Recent trends and cybersecurity statistics reveal a significant increase in targeted, high profile and disruptive security breaches threatening financial and physical resources across critical national and corporate infrastructures.

47% out of the 5,000+ surveyed CEOs across the globe stated they are extremely concerned over cyber threats. This places cyber as a top tier threat in 2021, second only to pandemics and health crisis. Also, this presents a significant rise, since 2020 saw only 33% of CEOs globally citing cyber as a threat, making it fourth on the list of CEOs’ concerns for that year.

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How we can help - Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment is an objective, in-depth review of the organization's cybersecurity system effectiveness, along with prioritized remediation guidance. It takes a rounded view of people, process and technology and combines core components from key industry frameworks and good practice, most notably ISO 27001 standard and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.

Using questionnaires, interviews, workshops and in-depth analysis of high-risk areas, we work with key technical, commercial and executive stakeholders in the organization. Looking at current activities, future plans, the organization's technological and strategic direction, and its approach to risk helps us to build a picture of the organization’s cybersecurity, identify key weakness in existing procedures and draw a strategic roadmap.

How we can help - Cybersecurity Governance

What is Cybersecurity Governance?

The policies, procedures and practice in place aimed at strengthening the capacity of any one organisation to prevent, detect, and mitigate malicious activities and actors in cyberspace, whilst ensuring compliance with existing legislative and strategic frameworks, obligations and expectations.

  1. Cybersecurity policy advice - With the complexity of cybersecurity governance constantly expanding, we are seeing a growing overlap of jurisdictions, obligations and expectations at the international, regional and local level. Detailed policy analyses and tailored recommendations will support you in developing clear roadmaps or ensuring rounded-up compliance with European frameworks and best practices, at the same time tailored to local legislation and existing capacities.
  2. Cybersecurity strategy development support - Adopting a similar approach to policy advice, strategic development support is there to help your institution or organisation to establish a clear and plausible vision and mission, identifying also the steps for achieving these in the short, medium and long term.
  3. Cybersecurity Awareness Raising - Understanding that strengthening the capacity of individuals is the best strategy for ensuring greater cyber resilience, we provide cybersecurity awareness training tailored to specific contexts (public administration, private enterprise, small and medium sized businesses, etc.) and levels of decision-making/nature of tasks.

Why is this important?

Despite the rising awareness of the importance of cyber threats, according to the PwC Global CEO Survey for 2021, CEOs in Central and Eastern Europe do not understand the threat posed by cybersecurity for their businesses. Actually, unlike the rest of the world, cybersecurity does not fall within first five perceived threats to businesses in CEE.

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