Saratoga Serbia 2018

Saratoga is a unique HR metrics system for human capital measurement and benchmarking.  It helps organisations identify employees’ performance/impact on the company, and benchmark the company against the market. 

Survey Schedule:

Step 1 – Registration

You can file your application to participate in the survey until 30 March 2018 via email at

Step 2 – Workshop for filling the Form

Proper data collection is crucial to ensuring that data in the Final Report are relevant and comparable. With a view to ensuring data collection in accordance with Saratoga methodology, in April we will organise workshops where we will go step-by-step through all the items of the report for which data submission is required.

Step 3 – Filling the Form 

After you have attended the workshop, you will receive a questionnaire to fill out.  PwC’s team will be available to support you with data collection, at any time.  The deadline for returning completed questionnaires is 31 May 2018. Upon the receipt of questionnaires, PwC’s team will perform final checks and will prepare the data for processing.

Step 4 – Reporting

After the data has been collected and verified, data processing will start.  The final Report will be issued in July. Each company participating in the Survey will receive a report comprising the following:

  • Saratoga methodology for data analysis and interpretation
  • A detailed report containing description of the metrics involved, their application and the inputs relating to data interpreting.
  • A report comprising individual participant data benchmarked against the data of the comparison group. 
  • One hour on consulting services provided by an expert team during which the report and the results will be interpreted. 
  • New: A report which contains the main conclusions in regards to participant results, using graphs and tables 


We offer a variety of reporting packages, which have been presented in the table below. 

Integral Report

Inclusive of all metrics, plus comparative figures for the market and for individual industries. 

Fee*(exclusive of VAT) EUR 2900 

Industry Report

Inclusive of all metrics for a single industry.  

Fee*(exclusive of VAT) EUR 1850

Basic Report

Inclusive of 15 key metrics for the whole market or for one industry.

Fee*(exclusive of VAT) EUR 1050

For information on metrics, please visit our Saratoga metrics page 

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