Learning and Development

Competency model

Competency model helps us to define what is making the difference between employees who are performing exceptionally and who are performing average. Competency model describes these desired behaviors that are making this difference. Competency model should be defined according to company values and culture,  should be explained in a clear and understandable manner.

Each competency definition should include several (at least three) levels defined for different positions and grades. Each level is explained by behavioral indicator.

Behavioral indicators should describe both behaviors associated with high performance in the competency and those indicative of poor demonstration of the competency. 


Development and Training Needs Analysis 

Development and Training Needs Analysis provides information which help an organization to:

  • Make a closer link between the necessary development activities and its own objectives
  • Adapt development activities to address the specific needs of employees
  • Priorities between development activities according to the priority of identified needs

The results of this analysis include the information regarding competencies and performance needs which are crucial for delivering the objectives of a particular professional role. It shows the difference between the actual and necessary level of competencies, a list of competencies for further development and appropriate recommendations in that regard.


Following the market needs and our clients’ wishes for continuing vocational training, PwC Serbia has developed PwC’s Academy, specializing in training and development. We offer a variety of training courses covering work-related skills and abilities required in a modern business environment.

360° evaluation

360° evaluation is an online tool developed by PwC which can be used for objective evaluation of employee behavior and competency level, with goal to enhance motivation and to provide information for further development and promotion decisions.

360° feedback is a process where employees are evaluated by a defined set of criteria, firstly by themselves (self-evaluation) and then by their managers, peers, direct reports and clients. The assessment criteria are based on competencies and values which are critical for superior professional performance.

The tool can be tailor made in accordance with your needs or you can use pre-prepared model that incorporates Core Management competencies.

PwC can assist you with:
  • Process and tools design and administration
  • Data analysis
  • Individual report generation
  • Action recommendation – Individual development plan design


Assessment centers

Assessment centers are considered one of the most reliable methods of evaluation of human potential. Specially trained assessors observe the participants’ behavior in a series of individual and group exercises and reach the final rating by consensus. Exercises are tailor made and designed to elicit behavior critical for successful performance.

Assessment centers can help you assess the managerial potential of your employees as well as discover talents in your organization. It provides valuable input for creating employee development and training plans and making selection and promotion decisions. Since they are unbiased, assessment centers can be very useful in complementing employee performance appraisals.

Besides assessment of each employee, Assessment centres provide information about competency strengths and weaknesses of the whole company or sector. In this way, the company can identify main challenges and priorities in building organisational capabilities and competencies within the company.


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