HR Function design

HR Function analysis

Our approach in assessing the current status of the HR functions is based on assessing the HR Function activities against a Process activity framework, allowing a structured approach to processes covered within the function.

The framework used for the assessment of the HR function is present the following dimensions:

HR Activity Analysis

HR Activity Analysis diagnostic builds detailed and accurate profiles of HR delivery and resource effort across a series of defined processes and activity types.

The analysis can provide understanding of:

−the amount of HR effort currently required to deliver a particular service

−what activities HR staff undertake by process, role, and business unit

−whether HR resource is focussed on the right things

−whether the level and type of HR activity is appropriate and expected? e.g. levels of administration within different roles and processes

−whether HR activities are aligned with executive priorities

−whether HR effort is correlated to effectiveness

−the potential for resource (and related cost) savings and efficiency gains across the HR organisation, often as an input to any exploring future delivery models and resourcing decisions across HR roles, CoEs and other delivery teams.

Voice of the customer

Voice of the customer is a diagnostic tool to measure customer perceptions of HR service.

  • Assesses whether HR objectives support customer/business  priorities and future needs
  • Understand executive, manager and employee perceptions
  • Comparing ratings across the business to identify good practice
  • Helps align HR strategy with business priorities
  • Highlights what is seen to be working and what isn’t
  • Acts as a feedback loop on policy/process changes made by HR
  • Demonstrates that HR is open and listens
  • Raises the profile of HR with your customers
  • Contributes to improved allocation of HR resources

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