Staff training

Knowledge and skills of employees represent the key source of competitive advantage and investment into their professional development remains the strategic goal of success oriented companies.
Investing in the tax knowledge of employees dealing with taxes contributes to improvement of the overall tax position of a company and increases its ability to identify and exploit tax opportunities.

Your situation:

  • You want to improve tax knowledge and skills required for dealing with daily tax challenges;
  • You need support on developing the tax knowledge of your staff that is tailored to tax strategy of your organization;
  • You want support in increasing the value of human capital of employees within your tax department;

Our services:

  • Training on practical application of corporate income tax rules and understanding deferred tax;
  • Training on double taxation and mechanisms for avoiding double taxation;
  • Training on value added tax;
  • Training on personal income tax.
  • Providing tailored tax training that will enable your employees to be better prepared to identify tax risks in your compliance and reporting activities;
  • Training focused on improving the employees’ abilities to find and apply the most proper solution for your tax position;
  • Improving employees’ skills that will keep them constantly informed about novelties in respect of tax rules, theory and practice and to perform tax planning activities in a more efficient manner.

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