Saratoga survey

Identify employees impact. Benchmark the company against the market.

Saratoga is a unique HR metrics system for human capital measurement and benchmarking.  It helps organisations identify employees’ performance/impact on the company, and benchmark the company against the market. 


What is Saratoga methodology?

  • A set of more than 200 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) looking into the efficiency of human capital. Progressive upgrading and cascading of Saratoga metrics allows us to both analyse general indicators and to conduct more detailed analyses.  For more information on Saratoga and its KPIs, see Saratoga metric
  • Data collection methods. By using exact definitions, we insure that the data are trusted and that they may be benchmarked against the market.
  • A Database comprising data of over 2600 companies operating in various industry sectors across Europe, America and Asia.  

Saratoga can help you overcome challenges and provide answers to questions such as:

  • Which KPIs are critical for my organisation?
  • How can I present the impact of the HR strategy on business?
  • Are our employees as productive as the employees of our competitors?
  • Is our HR function efficient and effective?
  • Where do opportunities lie for change, cost reduction and support function transformation?
  • Whom shall I compare with, what is the best practice?

Over the past 15 years, Saratoga survey has been conducted successfully around the world, and this year Saratoga survey will be conducted in Serbia as well. If you are interested in taking part in Saratoga survey, in sharing company information and receiving a report with your data that can be benchmarked against the market, take a look at Saratoga Serbia 2018



If you work with the human resources management function, Saratoga Survey will provide you with the following:


Saratoga will help you translate qualitative unmeasurable human resources and human capital elements into measurable quantitative indicators, in other words into the language that top managers and financial directors understand very well.

Business impact of the HR Function 

Quantitative data indicating the HR function’s impact, compliance, and contribution to the company's business strategy.

Areas for improvement

The collected data will help you set priorities and focus on what to do. You will have access to best practices, and will be able to identify areas for cost reduction, efficiency increase and service improvement. 

Effectiveness analysis of the HR Function

It is a starting point for measuring the effectiveness of the human resources function, of human capital and of the human resources programs that have been implemented.   

If you have a management role, Saratoga will help you:

Compare your own business performance with the performance of your competitors, and have it benchmarked against best market practices

Competitor data and best practice examples provide ground for setting business priorities, all with a view to improving business operations, creating tangible results and creating strategies for competitive advantage.

Quantify areas that have traditionally been viewed as unquantifiable

Saratoga provides valuable insight into these areas, as well as specific information that support the decision making process relating to topics such as employees’ behaviour, leadership, learning and development, and other topics.

Identify opportunities for improvement, event at the lowest levels of hierarchy in the business

Having the tools that help you understand organisational behaviour provides means for implementing change.  Saratoga provides a consistent framework for collecting, measuring and monitoring information on human capital.  

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