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Analytical Thinking

Who is it for?

The training course is intended for professionals and middle managers dealing with complex issues.

What's in it for me and my business?

Understanding and solving problems is an essential requirement for effective management. Other competencies required from professionals and managers, such as conceptual thinking and use of expertise, cannot deliver results if analytical thinking is weak and lacks depth.

The training provides a framework and tools for systematic problem analysis. The training also provides participants with clear guidance on the identification of problem elements that can be addressed.

What will I be able to do after I receive training?

You will be able to:

  • Continue developing your analytical thinking by applying  the effective Problem Solving Model
  • Understand critical points and common mistakes made in the problem-solving process
  • Use techniques for identifying and evaluating the possible causes of problems, as well as for generating and evaluating solutions to problems.
  • Understand what kind of attitude is necessary in order to develop analytical thinking to its full potential.
  • Understand that an effective problem solving attitude involves two key processes – creative thinking (generation of multiple answers to a set problem) and systems thinking (testing the feasibility and usefulness of multiple answers options)

What will I do and experience during the training?

  • You will be presented with the effective Problem-Solving Model
  • You will participate in discussions  on the typical phases of problem-solving
  • You will be engaged in group work on a case from your real business practice where you will apply the effective Problem-Solving Model 
  • You will receive feedback on your work.


One day.

Number of participants

Up to 15.


Serbian, English.


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Vanja Stokic

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Jelena Jovanovic

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