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Negotiation Skills



Art and Science of Negotiation with professor Tim Cullen from Oxford University!

How will I benefit?

The program will strengthen your ability to reach agreements that work. You will uncover your strengths and weaknesses as a negotiator. It will change not only the way you think about your own approach to negotiation, but also the way you think about the negotiation behavior of others. This should help you in every situation in which negotiation is relevant- in your job, in your family live and in relationships with people in general.How will my organization / company benefit?

How will my organization / company benefit?

You are likely to become better skilled at achieving harmony and consensus inside the organization and obtaining better results on the outside as well - from clients, customers, suppliers, regulators, and the public at large. The skills you will acquire apply to all types of negotiation, whether the agenda is local, national or international and whether there are few or many parties involved.

What will I learn to do differently?

  • You will develop the use of five key skills of negotiation (Information-gathering, decision making, persuasion and influence, innovative thinking, and implementation.
  • You will learn to recognize the interests in play for both sides of the negotiation and determine the most effective course to follow for a fruitful outcome.
  • You will better be able to identify and avoid costly errors in your own thinking habits and those of others.

What is the format?

The day's program is a mix of interactive lecture, case discussion and simulated role plays.

Number of participants

Up to 15.



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