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Preventing burnout syndrome


Who is it for?

The course is intended for managers who deal with complex, demanding and challenging situations on a daily basis and are under enormous pressure which is ultimately reflected in their job satisfaction, work-life balance and business performance.



Why is the stress management training course important for me?

Due to current economic situation, which has resulted in extremely competitive behaviour in all industry segments as well as in continuous business process acceleration, innovation and management of changes arising from both external and internal process improvements/changes, management teams are exposed to high levels of stress. High levels of stress combined with the amount of responsibility and job requirements (360 degrees) with the aim of achieving high performance goals and employee job satisfaction can often create conditions for a series of negative consequences, such as:  

- Absenteeism

- Poor performance

- Team/colleagues dissatisfied with your work

- Exhaustion

- Burnout

- Depression

- Leaving your job

In order to prevent all these and many other side effects, this unique training course, specifically designed for managers under pressure, will help you learn practical techniques to stop stress and use certain levels of it to achieve better productivity, as well as to eliminate dangerous levels of stress which can be harmful to you, your employees and your company. 

This training course is based on the synergy of many years of experience of our trainers and latest global trends in stress management techniques for managers.

What will I do and experience during the training?

You will:

  • Learn about positive and negative effects of stress
  • Learn how to determine the amount of stress which makes you more productive and remove excess stress from your work
  • Create your personal Fight Stress vision, mission and action plan
  • Implement stress management in your day to day activities
  • Learn how to remove stress from potentially stressful communication
  • Learn how to manage your activities more effectively
  • Find out about practical techniques for instantaneous stress relief

What will I be able to do after I receive the training?

You will be able to:

  • Control stress and learn how to use it to your advantage in both professional and private life
  • Identify early symptoms of stress, prevent them and use them to increase productivity
  • Identify different types of change and their dynamics, and develop the strategies to effectively meet challenges 
  • Establish a communication strategy before, during and after the change that will facilitate effective communication
  • Successfully manage “difficult” communication with no stress
  • Enhance your physical, mental and emotional energy
  • Be a successful, relaxed and happy leader who is satisfied with their job, has a good balance between professional and private life and is a high performer.


The training course is tailored to fit into your busy working schedule and will last two working days. 

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Jelena Jovanovic

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