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IFRS Master Class (Advanced IFRS Training)

The IFRS Master Class is intended to assist in understanding IFRS and applying IFRS to your organization. During the Master Class, we will familiarize you with the IFRS standards using practical examples encountered in our own practice, and we will enable you to apply IFRS standards to your own financial reporting.

Who is it for?

The IFRS Master Class is intended for professionals with a background in finance having a responsibility in the accounting, reporting and/or controlling area. Basic accounting knowledge and experience is required to use the knowledge offered during this Master Class to its utmost.

Why is this training relevant to you and your organization?

The IFRS Master Class is relevant to finance employees of companies reporting (or planning to report) under IFRS.

Who are the trainers?

The trainers are professionals from the PwC Assurance Services, group who use the IFRS standards assisting clients with IFRS transitions and/or complex IFRS accounting topics on a daily basis.

The IFRS Master Class modules


The full IFRS Master Class consists of 8 modules with a duration of 4 hours each, except for module 5 which consists of 2 sessions with a duration of 4 hours each.

You could subscribe to the full Master Class but you may also choose to subscribe to individual modules based on a specific training requirement.


Serbian, English.

Contact us

Vanja Stokic

Vanja Stokic

Manager, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

Jelena Jovanovic

Jelena Jovanovic

Coordinator, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

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