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Developing a High Performance Culture


Who is it for?

This course is intended for top /senior line managers and for HRM managers who are responsible for delivering organizational success through their people.

What’s in it for me and my business?

Management is the process of getting results through people. It is by your results that you will be judged. Getting people to deliver consistent high quality results therefore is the “holy grail” for any organizational manager. Managers who have the know-how and the ability to create and nurture a culture which values, respects and expects high performance from its people are the managers who will distinguish themselves in the competitive marketplace.

What will I do and experience during training?

You will:

  • Explore and understand what organizational culture is and what are the factors which influence and determine the creation of an organizational culture
  • Examine the importance of culture as a force and determinant of an organizations long-term success (or failure)
  • Study the 5 key determinants of organizational culture and apply the 5 factors model to your own organization
  • Learn the 5 steps to changing an organizational culture
  • Learn the 4 principle of successful culture management


What will I be able to do after I receive training?

You will be able to:

  • Carry out a “performance culture diagnostic” in your organization to determine your position on the 4 quadrant matrix
  • Describe the “High Challenge / High Support” Model and apply it accurately to your organization
  • List the 10 building blocks of creating a high performance culture
  • Identify which of the blocks are in place in your organization and which ones are missing
  • Start the process of building a high- performance culture in your organization.


Two days.



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