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Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Welcome to Drive™- The world leading motivation experience that offers organisations something very different.

Drive is the ultimate interactive workshop experience based on the award winning and New York Times best-selling work of Daniel H. Pink.

The Drive Workshop™ is a paradigm-shattering look at what truly motivates us and how we can use that knowledge to work smarter, perform better and live a more fulfilling life. Most of us believe that the best way to motivate ourselves and others is with external rewards like money—the carrot-and-stick approach. That’s a mistake, Daniel H. Pink says.

The secret to high performance and satisfaction—at work, at school, and at home—is the deeply human need to direct our own lives, to learn and create new things, and to do better by ourselves and our world. 

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Based on four decades of scientific research on human motivation, Pink’s work exposes the mismatch between what science knows and what business does—and how that affects every aspect of life. He demonstrates that while carrots and sticks worked successfully in the twentieth century, that’s precisely the wrong way to motivate people for today’s challenges. In the Drive workshop™, we examine the three elements of true motivation—autonomy, mastery, and purpose—and offers smart and surprising techniques for putting these into action.

Along the way, he takes us to companies that are enlisting new approaches to motivation and introduces us to the scientists and entrepreneurs who are pointing a bold way forward. This workshop will make you and your organisation more successful in a time where people are doing more with less resources.

What engages people?

About the Program

During the Drive™ workshop participants will be introduced to surprising truths about intrinsic motivation that will enhance performance and engagement in the workplace. Decades of research have demonstrated that people tend to do their best work when motivated by a feeling of autonomy, a desire for mastery, and a sense of purpose. The good news is that this workshop will practically demonstrate concrete steps you can take to tap into these motivators and improve your own performance as well as that of your organisation and your team. In a world where people are doing more with less this is the ultimate workshop for the people in your organisation

Learn surprising truth about what motivates us:

  1. Autonomy –The desire to direct our lives
  2. Mastery – The urge to get better and better at something that matters
  3. Purpose – The yearning to do what we do in service of something larger than ourselves.

Workshop Outcomes

  • How to develop a greater sense of autonomy, mastery, and purpose in your organisation
  • Overcome the three elements that are holding your organisation’s performance back based on scientific research
  • Techniques to improve employee engagement and motivation
  • Aligning personal and organisational purpose
  • How to conduct your own and your team’s continuous personal performance reviews
  • How to create tasks that increase motivation and engagement


  • Keeping your best employees engaged and motivated
  • Getting your employees to be your best advocates for great talent
  • Getting people to volunteer to become better producers
  • Keeping people operating in “FLOW”
  • Discover how to provide challenging work that generates more loyalty…
  • Tap the wells of innovative talents that in your organisation

Workshop Audience

If you work in an organisation, lead a team, own or run a business, are a marketer, communicator, sales professional, or other business leader who is interested in understanding new and better ways to motivate people, then this seminar is perfect for you. Perfect for HR professionals, public servants, business managers, technical professionals and people at all levels of an organisation. This workshop is also excellent for educators or anyone wanting to improve their careers, their motivation on the job and the ability to work on something truly meaningful to you. 


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PwC’s Academy


Upon completion of training, all participants will receive a PwC certificate*

* Requires full attendance on the training

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Jelena Jovanovic

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