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Innovation & creative thinking with Dr. Constantine Kiritsis



Theme: There is always a way to do it better...let's find it, lets innovate!


The main objective of this workshop is to stimulate participants to think differently; to think more creatively and to believe that they can challenge the status quo at their organisation with ideas and add more value by doing things better.

Innovation is part of the answer if implemented. This can be achieved by making participants understand and realise that innovation is a necessary requirement for competitive advantage, not an option. 

Main outcomes:

  • All ideas are welcome in a creative session!
  • Avoid quick judgement
  • Create associations & analogies
  • Collaborate – sharing ideas & thoughts may be the solution 

The specific objectives of the session

  • Stimulate participants to think differently
  • Make participants understand how to generate ideas
  • Make participants able to understand how to overcome obstacles in their own areas
  • Make participants supportive to innovation and “changes” in general with their teams
  • Make participants understand how to screen ideas & implement


By a combination of an inspirational presentation, a series of specifically chosen short videos, exercises, games, discussion and overall action based learning.

The presentation will include strong quotes that will also stimulate their thinking. The important point to note is that creativity, ideas and believing in themselves need to become a habit for them. 

Introduction & Agenda

Why are we doing this?

  • Understanding innovation 
  • Some misconceptions of innovation
  • Challenges to innovation in the 21st century

Why is it so important?

Innovation as a competitive advantage

Main points concerning innovation

Creativity as the basis for innovation

The thinking process – examples

Why are we OR aren’t we creative?

Recognising and avoiding mental blocks and mindsets 

Innovation barriers – let’s find them!

De-brief – The Critical Success Factors for innovation

Outcomes here will lead the groups to understand that barriers can be overcome by: 

  • Different perception
  • Postponing judgement
  • Associating and linking variables (ideas, processes etc.)
  • Developing their imagination and not being afraid to state their mind
  • Recognising the main stakeholders

3 innovation stories in less than 5 minutes each

  • Innovating appliance! 
  • Innovating logistics!
  • Innovating Process!
  • De-brief on stories

How to do it yourself:

  • Tools & Techniques
  • In class facilitation

Is there anything that we can use @ your organisation?

From problem to solution (from any area of the business) – discussion & main points 

Main takeaways to cascade within organisation:

  • Sharing ideas & Collaborating
  • Postponement of judgement
  • From problem to solution
  •  Screening in terms of originality & ease of implementation

Dr. Constantine Kiritsis is Curriculum development expert for PwC’s Academy  in Serbia, consultant & professional trainer for PwC in the CEE (for ACCA, CIMA, CIA) as well as part time lecturer for the American College of Greece (MBA).

He has extensive experience in education and professional training, as former Head of PwC Academy in Greece and by setting up Globaltraining in the late 1990’s in Greece and serving as a Partner & Executive Director for close to a decade. 

Full biography - Dr. Constantine Kiritsis


23 May 2019

9:00 – 17:00 


PwC’s Academy

Airport City,Omladinskih brigada 88a, 11070 Belgrade


250 €+ VAT, payable in RSD

220 €+ VAT, payable in RSD
special price for Mini MBA Alumni


Training will be delivered in English language

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