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Setting Work Objectives

Training purpose and objectives

To teach participant the process and methodology for setting personal and team member work objectives.

Intended learning outcomes

Participants will be able to set work objectives which pass rigorous application of the SMART criteria framework. Using the “downscaling” approach they will be able to ensure the relevance of both their work activities and the work activities of their team members at all times.

They will achieve an enhanced understanding of their roles and responsibilities, within the organizational structure and they will have determined the key result areas (KRAs) for their jobs, providing focus and prioritization to their daily work activities.

Practical examples and exercises

It is proposed to use “real” material as a basis for the objective setting workshops. Participants will be asked, in advance, to prepare a set of SMART objectives for themselves and for one of their direct reports. This will provide the raw material for the learning exercise to follow. The benefit of this approach is that it makes the learning relevant and immediately applicable in a real work context for the participants.

Participant group size

For maximum effectiveness no more than 10 participants per workshop is recommended.

Indicative content

The workshop will open with a trainer input on the seven (7) element framework (of which setting SMART objectives is only one) of achieving personal effectiveness at work. The absolute necessity of adopting a “downscaling “ approach to the process will be illustrated, as it is only when individual work activities are visibly connected to and driven by the organisational strategic plan can we expect to achieve value-adding contributions from staff at an individual level.

Once the theoretical foundation has been established the training will continue in the form of a workshop where “real life “objectives, already prepared by the participants will be examined and worked through.

This practical aspect of the course is deemed essential. Setting SMART objectives is a skill that can only be learned by doing and through practice!


One day


Serbian, English

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