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Microexpressions - advanced communication tool

Micro-expressions in non-verbal communication is different name for facial expression. It is spontaneous (involuntarily) movements on human face which causes contractions of facial muscles. Basic characteristic of those movements is that it is caused by emotions which people feel and it lasts for half of second.

Microexpressions  - advanced communication tool

  • Unique advanced communication program in region
  • Based on unique ECCM methodology, which has been created along to many years researches and results on the field of microexpressions and body language
  • Program improves knowledge and skills in the field of business uses of body language and discovers new insights into nonverbal communication
  • Program has use in: negotiation, sales, recruiting, delegation, motivation, researching journalism, law practice, public speaking, etc.

Why do you need this training course?

  • Proved and confirmed improvement of coefficient of emotional intelligence for 3 to 20 % (MSCEIT test)
  • Results of improvement are measurable (in/out assessment of recognition of microexpressions)
  • Microexpressions are unique for every culture

Benefits and advantages

  • Learning and practicing with certificated experts in field of body language
  • Concrete insight into learning improvement
  • Improvement of communication through process of collaboration and mutual understanding
  • Saving personal time and resources, moreover saving time and resources of person you are talking to
  • Acquisition of skills: asking right questions, active listening and ''looking into'' answers

Content of this training course

  • Measure of effects onto IN and OUT MESSO assessment
  • Adequate ''reading'' and interpretation of basic microexpressions
  • Basic elements of SAID techniques of conversation


Who teaches the programme?

Darko Todorovic is the founder and program director of the Center for microexpression and body language "Partner Team", a business trainer and consultant with over 16 years of experience with more than 1.600 training days with a number of companies, organizations and institutions. With his expertise in the field of microexpression and body language in business, he is certified partner and consultant for whole Adria region for implementing this in sales, negotiation and recruitment. He holds a Swiss federal PET diploma (SVEB 2) as proof of the quality on field of adult education, and he is a certified trainer and consultant of IFC (International Finance Corporation / World Bank group).

During his professional career he was the training manager at the company „Stav“ (representative of "Samsung" CE market for Serbia and Montenegro) and creative director of marketing agency „Razor“. He participated in the creation and implementation of a large number of communication and promotional strategies, advertising and PR campaigns, as well as in the definition of specific, socially responsible concepts for numerous clients. He graduated in economics at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade.


PwC Academy - Microexpressions

PwC’s Academy
Airport City, Omladinskih brigada 88a, 11070 Belgrade

Training is delivered in the English language.

Contact us

Vanja Stokic

Vanja Stokic

Manager, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

Jelena Jovanovic

Jelena Jovanovic

Coordinator, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

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