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Presentation Skills

Who is it for?

Managers and experienced presenters who want to improve their planning and presentation skills and techniques.

What will I be able to do after I receive training?

You will be able to:

  • Understand the importance of careful planning and preparation for a successful presentation
  • Learn how to define presentation goals and objectives and how to structure key messages for maximum impact
  • Find out how to make a strong first impression
  • Learn how to reach the audience and maximize audience interaction
  • Understand what kind of impressions the look of your face, the tone of your voice and your body posture make
  • Learn how to handle difficult questions and challenging situations during the session
  • Practice in a safe environment and receive feedback on your presentation 
  • Identify your own presentation style and areas for improvement
  • Get useful tips for delivering a successful presentation.

What will I do and experience during training?

The training is fully interactive. Registered participants will receive advance copies of the presentation in draft form.

After a brief theoretical introduction to the subject matter and a discussion on topics of current interest, participants will start developing their presentations drawing on the directions and recommendations received. Lots of individual work during the session gives participants the opportunity to hear any comment that the trainer and the group may have on the effectiveness of the presentations seen. All presentations will be videotaped and then played back followed by feedback from the trainer and participants attending the session. 


Two days.

Number of participants

Up to 12.


Serbian, English.

Contact us

Vanja Stokic

Vanja Stokic

Manager, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

Jelena Jovanovic

Jelena Jovanovic

Coordinator, PwC's Academy, PwC Serbia

Tel: +381 11 3302 100

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