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"PwC's Mini MBA Program brings together and provides answers to many questions on project management, and on what it takes to be a successful business. Apart from receiving useful information from the tutor and learning about the numerous examples of good practice, participants can also benefit significantly from experiences shared by and between course participants. The sessions are very well organised, and are applicable to the different spheres of business. The examples presented during the sessions provide a big picture view of both the profit and the non-profit sectors. Each session is organised in a way to provide participants with basic subject-matter knowledge and relevant information while the tutors, who have many years of experience, can provide guidance on matters relating to the participants’ specific businesses and jobs. I highly recommend the program, the tutors, and PwC's Academy to everyone."

Bojana Rangelov, Assistant Project Manager, Novak Djokovic Foundation

"It is a high quality training course that helps managers improve their competencies, deepen their knowledge in many areas, which is essential for quality management, and open their minds to new ways of thinking, at the same time recognising the ongoing change and challenges that the companies are facing. Highly competent energetic lecturers, and excellent motivators."

Bojan Milanović, Regional Director, Societe Generale Banka Srbija ad Beograd

"It was a great pleasure for me to attend the Mini MBA course. Spending time with bright, smart, witty young people was wonderfully refreshing. Irrespective of my personal and business experience, I can say that the experience I came across during the course and during our discussions opened up new horizons for me and inspired fresh enthusiasm."

Velimir Ristić, VERIS & S, Director

"The program is very well organised and structured, it covers the key elements required for adequate company understanding and analysis. Furthermore, the MBA Program teaches participants to segregate important (primary) details from the unimportant (secondary) ones that often make a false image. In other words, all the unnecessary elements are removed from the program and the focus is placed on fundamental issues, which greatly helps in understanding the program’s purpose. The lecturers were extremely professional with a strong professional background. In answering questions posed by participants, they exhibited the depth and breadth of knowledge. All this reinforces the impression that they are a team of high competent lecturers. A pleasant work environment and a relaxed atmosphere add value to the program. I highly recommend this course!"

Zoran Zunjic, Societe Generale Serbia, Regional Director, Belgrade, Corporate Banking

"Being a Bachelor of Law employed in the Public Sector, I can say from my experience that PwC’s Mini MBA Program covers all the key areas of business, bringing them closer to those not working in the business sector. The program is designed to provide participants with proper knowledge transfer, full control over the take-aways and learnings, as well as with prompt practical implementation of the adopted. It is a highly interactive powerful program with lots of examples from practice and theory, which make a perfect match. The lecturers were highly competent and dedicated, and were available even after the course. PwC’s Academy is very well organised. From direct cooperation with the Academy (not necessarily from the lectures) I have adopted innovative solutions that I can apply at work. I recommend this program to all managers striving for innovation, aiming to respond successfully to the necessary frequent changes of the terms of business, and planning to be more effective today than they were yesterday. "

Admir Suljagić, Director of the Secretariat, The High Judicial and Prosecutorial Council of B&H


"The Mini MBA Program goes one step further in combining the knowledge in areas such as human resources, finance basics, project management and marketing. It is particularly useful to those engaged on positions requiring process knowledge in such areas, to a greater or lesser extent. During the course, the lecturers, who were very motivated and competent, provided participants with practical and useful advice applicable in every-day operations."

Ivan Stevanović, Field Force Manager, Richter Gedeon NYRT Rep Office

“PwC Mini MBA is perfect tool for any manager who wants to improve business by adapting it to modern challenges, embodied in the rapidly changing business conditions. Training is dynamic and proactive, with many practical examples.”

Aleksandar Grujić, CEO, Saint Gobain

“PwC Mini MBA is exactly what its name says – a short, but adequate MBA training course, providing participants with sufficient information, theory and examples concerning business operations and business in general. The course is specific in content, comprehensive and purposeful, especially for those participants who have specialized in one area and have no opportunity to deal with all aspects of business. The atmosphere and environment are great, which contributes to an even better interaction between participants and certainly to the success of the program.”

Bojana Gaković, Training Manager, Coca Cola HBC

“I come from Petnica Science Center, an organization dealing with gifted school students interested in science. My basic background is electrical engineering, but I have worked in management ever since the beginning of my career. As I am coming from a non corporate world this PwC program helped me to give the right names for the phenomena I already experienced in my work. I systematically put in order everything that is important for my job, topics that I did not studied during my previous education. Both good lectures and lecturers were important for me at this MBA. The experience from other participants helped me to understand better all important issues and facts. Also the people I met will definitely be an asset in the future.”

Nikola Božić, CEO of Petnica Fund, Petnica Science Centre

“I have attended the training course with the second generation of PwC's Mini MBA training course participants. I believe that I was the only participant who had personally paid for the course (it was not a benefit provided to me by my company) and it was one of the best investments I had made in the past ten years. Now I will tell you why. First of all, I met some fantastic people, witty and educated, with whom I have established a great relationship. Additionally, I expanded my theoretical skills and stated thinking in a different way. In other words, I learned about some useful tools and was assisted in envisioning 'the big picture' that helped me later in my career. This year by coincidence I have been in a position to attend a similar course at the HHL Business School in Leipzig (one of the most highly regarded business schools in Germany, as I understand). The course modules were similar to the ones of PwC Mini MBA, and all the lecturers had a PhD degree. However, I must say that after having attended PwC's Mini MBA, I did find this course a bit boring and the lectures of a level lower than those in Belgrade. Maybe this was because I had previously attended the course but I somehow feel that I did not, except at one module, learn anything new or anything on top of what I had already learned at PwC's Mini MBA. As for PwC's Mini MBA, you might not like all the modules or you might not like all the lecturers but, if it is your first training course of that kind, you will learn enough to take your career to the next level, become more professional and have other people looking at you in a different way. Those of us who have been trained on the job can benefit a lot from PwC's Mini MBA training course because everything that one learns and experiences during the course can be shaped and channelled in real life. Two years after PwC's Mini MBA course, I find myself gladly remembering the lectures and the nine weekends long training.”

Dragan Bojić, Sales Director, Dr. Oetker Serbia

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