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Introduction to Customer Insights

The Features of Modern Marketing by Lazar Džamić

The key features of modern marketing involve a creative idea and customer insights. What are customer insights in modern brand building, what are the sources for customer insights, what is the difference between data and customer insights, and what is the role of customer insights in brand development and the creative process?
These topics will be covered in PwC’s Open Seminar led by Lazar Džamić, who will help participants to get answers to such questions through four modules, several case studies, two workshop sessions on specific themes, and to get an ingenious answer to the most complicated question in creative marketing: what should we do if there is no customer insight?
List of topics to be covered:
  • What are customer insights?
  • The sources for customer insights
  • The role of customer insights in the creative process
  • What if there are no customer insights?
  • Case study

Lazar Džamić is a lecturer in Digital Marketing at the Faculty for Media and Communications in Belgrade (FMK) and one of the foremost brand and marketing strategists in the region, with more than 20 years of strategic marketing experience in one of the most competitive markets in the world.

He is a former Head of Brand Planning in Google's creative think tank ZOO in London, where he created the strategy team and introduced to the industry two of the world’s first Creative Data Scientists. His mission at Google was to ‘turn light into heat’: a vast amount of Google data into surprising and deep insights for creating great brand stories. Prior to Google, he also served as a Strategy Director in several London creative agencies and was one of the first digital strategists in the United Kingdom. He worked on campaigns and programmes for some of the UK’s most loved brands such as Tesco, John Lewis, Waitrose, Virgin Holidays, Nando’s etc.

After his return from London, Lazar is a much sought-after trainer for digital marketing transformation, working with some of the biggest local and regional clients such as Telenor, Mercator, Adidas, Erste Bank and others. He is also a member of the Serbian Prime Minister’s Creative Council, advising on aspects of developing Serbia’s creative sectors.

He is the creative industries consultant for The European Bank for Development and Reconstruction, an ex-journalist, contributor to The Guardian and a best-selling author in Serbia. He is a regular speaker at global and regional conferences on topics of digital marketing and brand storytelling.


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