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Conducting tax appeals and litigation

Every taxpayer has the right to appeal against tax authorities actions regarding a tax assessment or collection of tax.
You should consider appealing if you suspect that rules or procedures have not been followed by the authorities. What can and cannot be appealed against varies widely. Appeals have many forms, depending on the issue, and must be filed according to specific instructions and timelines.
An appeal can be regarded as a request to take a second look at a decision, the taxpayer’s situation and the impact of any ruling.

Your situation:

  • You need the assistance of experts in protecting your rights as a taxpayer;
  • You want to make sure you do not pay more taxes than absolutely necessary;
  • You want to explore the possibility of challenging the tax authorities resolution due to misconduct or failure to take into account all relevant information;
  • You wish to elevate the level of competency in communication /correspondence with the tax officials;
  • You want to obtain savings of time and funds in the process.

Our services:

  • Assistance in identification of the optimal approach to be used in the litigation process and drafting the appeal for you based on the best and most relevant arguments for the disputed scenario;
  • Support if implementing the most appropriate strategy that presents the strongest tax, legal and practical arguments to be used in drafting an appeal;
  • Expert representation before the Tax Authorities.

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