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Managing tax audits

The companies should consider preparing ahead of time for an audit, as failure to do so may cause substantial financial costs and disputes with the authorities.

Your situation:

  • You wish to address tax issues and areas of risk before an audit takes place;
  • You want to be prepared in advance and minimise the risk of surprises;
  • You want to employ experienced, knowledgeable staff that understand the audit process and can protect the interests of the company in the best way;
  • You require efficient conduct and management of a tax audit;
  • You need to ensure that issues identified in the audit and requests from tax officials are properly addressed and covered;
  • You wish greater control over what information is provided to the tax officials (prevention of extension of the scope of audit);
  • You want to obtain high level of competency in communication with the tax officials.

Our services:

  • Review the tax compliance status of the company in order to assess the areas of potential risk and help with building a defence strategy and documentation;
  • Coach the staff responsible for tax affairs to deal with the tax officials in an efficient and safe manner, develop their understanding of the audit process and available legal instruments;
  • Provide on-going support on the spot, by assisting in preparing relevant documents and providing explanations to the tax officer conducting the audit;
  • Provide support in further procedural or legal action in case of a tax assessment upon completion of the audit.

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