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Non-compliance risk assessment

Transfer pricing deals with assessment of the prices charged between associated companies forming part of the same group. The Serbian Tax authorities have recently shown increased interest in transfer pricing and failure to comply with legal requirements can result in significant penalties. We will review existing documentation supporting transfer pricing in order to verify compliance with Serbian transfer pricing rules and identify areas of risk. Non-compliance can result in issues such as: disputes with tax authorities, tax assessments and interest on tax underpayments and penalties.
Taxpayers must have in place an efficient framework for producing the documentation required to defend transfer pricing used in related party transactions.

Your situation:

  • You need a clear and structured understanding of transactions with related parties and pricing mechanisms;
  • You want to improve understanding of the quality of existing transfer pricing documentation and areas of risk;
  • You wish to better understand potential CIT implications;
  • You need guidance and support in managing the identified transfer pricing risks.

Our services:

  • Identifying and supporting in understanding transactions with related parties;
  • Identifying transactions that lack documentation;
  • Review existing documentation supporting transactions with related parties to confirm completeness, or to identify areas which need amendments or additional information;
  • Assessing the level of risk of non-compliance and potential CIT exposure, including penalties and fines;
  • Creating an effective plan to address the identified issues and weaknesses, and support you in its implementation.

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