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Post acquisition support to tax function

Post acquisition support to tax function represents the last step in the M&A process. It is an excellent opportunity to set a new course of tax department which helps to maintain a tax efficient structure.
A high-performing tax department is essential to advance business interests and decrease overall risk. Regular review of the performance of tax function and support to tax function will help to achieve the company’s ambition.
We will help the company to improve the performance of its tax planning, tax accounting, financial reporting and compliance functions.

 Your situation:

  • You want to minimize tax compliance and administrative costs;
  • You want to minimize errors and uncertainty in tax accounting;
  • You want improved internal controls and documentation;
  • You wish to ensure greater collaboration of tax and finance business units;
  • You want improved data quality and automation;
  • You need more efficient cash movement and profit reparation;
  • You need support in dealing with tax issues;
  • You want improved tax knowledge;
  • You want to establish an efficient internal control;
  • You want to develop efficient communication with other business units.

Our services:

  • Defining tax function organisational design, role descriptions and reporting lines;
  • Performing tax function reviews;
  • Performing technical competency assessment;
  • Conducting compliance process reviews and re-design;
  • Providing support in preparing all relevant tax returns and documentation;
  • Introduction of tax strategy and risk management.

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