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Structuring of the acquisitions and financing

The objective of tax structuring is to create a structure which allows a reduction of future tax rates on a lasting basis as a result of financial cost allocations, and to optimize the overall tax efficiency during the life-cycle of the investment (acquisition, holding and profit repatriation, exit).
Tax structuring addresses all relevant aspects of the transactions: the holding jurisdiction and profit repatriation strategy, legal form and financing of the acquisition entity, steps in the acquisition, exit strategy.
At the same time the focus should be on minimising transactions costs.

You situation as an acquirer:

  • You need better understanding of the tax consequences of the transaction;
  • You want to implement a tax-efficient acquisition structures that produce an optimised effective tax rate and allow cash movement and reparation;
  • You wish to provide a tax-efficient financing structure that produces lower financing costs;
  • You want to reduce the risk of international double taxation;
  • You want to identify the possibilities for maintenance of advantageous tax attributes.

Your situation as a target :

  • Optimising effective tax rate;
  • Optimising financing costs;
  • Reducing total tax expenditure;
  • Ensuring more efficient tax compliance;
  • Examine the possibility for tax planning;

Our services:

  • Support in understanding the commercial objectives and key drivers for the acquisition;
  • Reviewing the overall tax consequences of planned acquisition;
  • Definition and tax optimisation of the legal structure of an acquisition, tailored to the company's integration strategy;
  • Managing double taxation issues;
  • Consideration of tax accounting effects;
  • Minimising tax-related transaction costs;
  • Identifying optimum tax deductibility of financial expenditure;
  • Identifying and preserving tax attributes such as tax losses and credits;
  • Reviewing of restructuring and reorganisation opportunities of the company.

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