Value chain transformation support

The value chain transformation model has been designed to help companies transform the way they do business to become more effective and efficient and increase profitability.

Often when performing transformations of the group structure, the companies only invest in operational improvements, but ignore broader issues, such as structural tax planning.

Achieving high performance for the group requires an integrated approach, where companies not only benefit from increased operational performance, but also achieve savings on the basis of an optimal tax structure.

PwC’s approach makes strategic tax planning an integral part of value chain transformation, enabling companies to drive down their overall tax rate.

Your situation:

  • You want to establish optimal group structure from both an operational and tax perspective;
  • You want to meet regulatory requirements to be compliant in all jurisdictions;
  • You want to reduce the overall effective tax rate;
  • You want to maximize after-tax cash flow by minimizing potential tax outflows;
  • You intend to take advantage of local tax incentives available and benefits of the existing Serbian treaty network;
  • You wish to keep being informed of relevant changes in any legislation that may affect your business model;
  • You need to ensure smooth and cost efficient business transformation.

Our services:

  • Assistance in aligning your tax and operational models;
  • Creating sustainable, structural tax improvement, increasing shareholder value and cash flow;
  • Setting up tax efficient financing, holding and operational group structure;
  • Assistance with transfer pricing issues;
  • Assistance with designing and implementing tax efficient cross-border transfers of assets, activities and businesses, and business reorganizations;
  • Assistance in managing intellectual property and intangible assets in a more tax effective manner;
  • Making sure existing tax attributes are not lost as a result of the value chain transformation process.

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