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Capital Project Services

Capital projects often represent a substantial investment of business resources. A significant number of these are not completed in accordance with their cost and time budgets or fail to deliver the required performance levels. Our industry professionals provide advice and assistance in order to mitigate the risks, develop the correct procurement and project management strategies, or to manage disputes if they arise. We are adept at understanding and documenting the technical issues that arise in capital projects disputes, and at substantiating the associated costs and damages.

More about this service

Risk, complexity and high costs are features of major capital projects. All too often projects are affected by cost and time overruns, or fail to meet business case objectives. These threaten the implementation of business strategy, divert management focus and may lead to re-financing or, in the worst case, insolvency.

The successful delivery of your capital project or programme is of prime importance to your business and its stakeholders, as are the implementation of effective controls and the management of risks and opportunities. Our team of industry specialists have extensive experience of assisting clients in the review, understanding and improvement of capital project performance in a broad range of industry sectors.

Whether an organisation is involved as an owner, funder or contractor, capital projects often create challenges and uncertainties. Crucially, no two capital projects are alike, or have precisely the same set of objectives, issues and constraints. This means capital projects and programmes are bespoke by nature, and require a flexible and dynamic approach both to maintaining control and to ensuring they are delivered on time and within budget.

When projects have become distressed, disputes become an increasing reality. Dispute resolution can become protracted and arduous, with many parties finding themselves drawn in. All too often, adjudication and arbitration are pursued without a thorough investigation of the business benefits, likely outcomes or costs.

Potential issues

  • Projects appear out of control, over budget or late
  • There is an increasing lack of clarity over the status or likely outcome of the projects
  • You have a decreasing confidence in the alignment of the project with the original business case
  • Changes have resulted in unexpected increases in cost and / or time
  • Robust stakeholder assurance and communication is required
  • Management focus has been diverted onto resolving project based issues
  • The original understanding of risk, opportunities and liabilities no longer appear to be valid
  • Disputes are becoming a reality

How we can support you

Using our highly experienced specialist team of engineers, surveyors and project accountants, we work closely with our clients to review the project management arrangements throughout the capital project lifecycle, including governance, risk and quality management, procurement strategies, forecast outturn and management reporting.

Specific services we can provide, include:

  • We review capital project management arrangements for the implementation of a wide range of projects including: governance, risk and quality management, procurement strategy, forecast outturn and management reporting aspects
  • Our team has extensive experience in both the identification and mitigation of capital project related fraud - from procurement through implementation and on to operation
  • We work across a variety of key industry sectors including government, defence, energy and utilities, IT, real estate and transport.
  • Advising, reviewing and implementing programme, risk and controls on major capital projects / programmes
  • Reviewing the appropriateness and effectiveness of core components within programme management systems
  • Providing internal audit support to organisations
  • Undertaking key project and programme focused elements of buyer / vendor due diligence support
  • Undertaking and advise on the implementation of value for money analyses
  • Undertaking commercial assurance / dispute readiness reviews, including reviews of data integrity
  • Providing dispute resolution and avoidance services, including mediation and expert witness roles.

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