Fraud Risk Management and Anti-Fraud Services

Are you concerned about the robustness of internal controls at your company?
Would you like to know how you can minimize the risks of fraud occurring at your doorstep?
Are you interested in implementing preventative measures?

We conduct reviews of internal fraud controls and corporate ethics programs for clients concerned about the potential exposure to fraud. We provide comprehensive and practical advice concerning all aspects of fraud risk management, from overall fraud risk assessment and testing of existing anti-fraud programs to designing and implementation of new fraud prevention systems

More about this service

Leveraging our knowledge and experience of the fraud risk universe facing today’s enterprises, we can assist our clients with identifying the business areas prone or vulnerable to fraud and misconduct, assess and prioritize their fraud risks and attach meaningful anti-fraud actions which can help mitigate risks and enable effective and consistent fraud prevention.

The fraud risk management and anti-fraud services help management and audit committees achieve the following:

  • Determine, assess and mitigate key fraud and misconduct risks
  • Identify and prioritize the areas within the business prone to the occurrence of fraud and take appropriate action
  • Establish adequate anti-fraud measures to effectively mitigate the risk of fraud and combat misconduct
  • Provide view of evolving risk profile to management and audit committee members

Potential issues

  • You have just had an unfortunate fraud-related experience and face a lot of tough questions by shareholders, regulators and other stakeholders about how you protect the enterprise against such events
  • You would like to identify the (other) areas within your business that are prone to fraud and you would like to know what kind of protective measures can be implemented
  • One of your competitors/peers has just had a major and embarrassing fraud incident and you would like to know whether you face the same risks and how they can be prevented
  • You need to perform periodic compliance reviews of fraud risk management processes and/or anti-fraud controls
  • You have just had an independent review, and weaknesses in fraud risk management and/or anti-fraud controls have been reported
  • Your internal audit does not have fraud risk and anti-fraud competencies
  • You have been required to perform regulatory reporting related to your fraud risk management and anti-fraud processes and controls in place or your regulatory regime requires you to have a strong fraud prevention program
  • You need to raise employee awareness related to fraud matters and how to prevent fraud

How we can support you

  • Overall fraud and misconduct risk assessment
  • Assistance in the design of global compliance programmes
  • Reviews of internal fraud controls, compliance, anti-fraud and corporate ethics programs
  • Comprehensive and practical advice concerning all aspects of fraud risk management
  • Improvement of fraud risk management and prevention processes and controls in light of international internal control frameworks (e.g. COSO) or regulatory requirements (e.g. Sarbanes Oxley, J-SoX, Combined Code, EU 8th Directive)
  • Assist management in the design and implementation of fraud prevention frameworks, including corporate codes of ethics and conduct, fraud response policies, fraud prevention controls, communications, monitoring and prevention policies and standards
  • Review of business processes and internal control structure from the perspective of fraud risk management and prevention
  • Compliance assessments related to fraud risk management and prevention
  • Fraud risk management and fraud prevention training

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