Licensing Management

Are your licensing agreements generating the maximum revenue for your company?

Our globally integrated network of dedicated licensing professionals is committed to helping companies optimize their revenues, capitalize on and protect their intellectual property, and successfully manage risk.
In the overwhelming majority of the royalty examinations we undertake for our clients, we uncover underreported revenues due to clerical errors, accounting mistakes or contract misunderstandings.
While we work primarily with licensors, we also assist licensees by reviewing royalty agreements, ensuring compliance

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Companies are seeking to increase shareholder value, improve their competitive advantage in the marketplace, drive revenue growth and reduce development costs and time through joint ventures, license agreements and other strategic alliances. Taking a proactive approach to managing licensing and other contractual arrangements extracts the highest value from assets.

Most contractual obligations of licensees or payees are self-reported and self-policed, leading to less than expected benefits to the licensors or receivers. Companies can get improved performance through better contract enforcement with a forensic analysis of counterparty reporting and compliance with key contract clauses.

We have developed a global network of specialists with a unique blend of technical, forensic accounting, investigative and licensing skills. Our experienced practitioners offer tremendous knowledge in every facet of licensing management and compliance.

Under pressure to generate increasing returns for shareholders, many companies have begun to focus on intellectual property (IP) and intangible assets. With strategic alliances, licensing agreements, competition and globalization impacting business like never before, companies must take a proactive approach to managing licensing and other contractual arrangements in order to extract the highest value from their IP assets.

If this is your situation

  • You want to determine whether you are maximizing IP revenue.
  • You suspect that you are not receiving all payments due to you under existing licensing agreements.
  • You need guidance on whether to buy or sell an IP asset.
  • You want help instituting an effective licensing management program to enhance the value from your IP assets.

How we can support you

We analyze compliance with licenses and other business agreements to help companies realize incremental revenue and mitigate risk. Utilizing our experience, we can help companies understand accounting interpretations of license language, develop settlement strategies to recover underreported revenue, execute due diligence of royalties and advise on buy/sell decisions related to IP assets.

Services we provide include the following:

  • Developing licensing management programs
  • Designing systemic license compliance programs
  • Selecting licensee targets for royalty examination work
  • Conducting fieldwork, including reviewing license agreement compliance issues and potential underreporting of royalties
  • Preparing letters of findings that can be utilized to negotiate economic settlement proposals

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