Corporate income tax and withholding tax return preparation

Taxpayers are required by the Corporate Income Tax (CIT) Law to self-assess CIT on a company’s profits and withholding tax (WHT) on payments to non-residents. This means that they need to be diligent in order to comply with legal requirements.
Failure to comply with the law represents not only a financial risk, including tax penalties, interest and other sanctions, but also a serious business risk, as it can damage a company’s reputation with the authorities and the public.
CIT and WHT compliance services consist of preparation of CIT and WHT returns by PricewaterhouseCoopers for the client. An integral element of the compliance service is also identifying opportunities for potential tax savings.
Tax compliance services offer your organization the opportunity to achieve cost and time efficiencies in the CIT and WHT returns preparation process as well as access to specialists for tax consulting. Our tax compliance framework addresses the needs of organizations of various sizes and complexity. We have standardized processes and tools to offer you high quality CIT and WHT compliance services in order to help you meet your governance and regulatory obligations.

Your situation:

  • You need improved control of your compliance process, better identification of issues, risks and opportunities;
  • You wish to ensure that CIT is properly calculated and settled;
  • You wish to ensure that WHT on payments to non-residents are properly calculated and settled;
  • You need early warnings and guidance on dealing with emerging compliance risks;
  • Your business requires identification of tax saving opportunities;
  • You need to minimize the risk of regulatory fines or enforcement actions imposed by the tax authorities.

Our services:

  • Preparation and submission of CIT and WHT returns;
  • Identification of potential tax risks and areas for improvement in the compliance process;
  • Identification of potential possibilities for tax savings;
  • Support during CIT and WHT audits.

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