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Inbound tax structuring

Inbound tax structuring services are designed to assist foreign based companies with designing a tax efficient model for setting up, operating and exiting business operations in Serbia.
Each step in the life-cycle of an investment, from selection of a holding location and legal form of presence, to types and form of business operations and exit via sale of shares or assets has tax implications and results in tax costs.
Careful planning is required to develop a tax-efficient strategy prior to making an entry into the Serbian market.
PwC can provide you with tailor made solutions that are in line with your business needs. Our multi-disciplinary team has the extensive inbound structuring experience required to help ensure a smooth, compliant, and efficient set-up.

Your situation:

  • You need to create a tax optimal investment structure in Serbia while achieving the overall business and shareholder objectives;
  • You want to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and achieve full compliance in Serbia;
  • You want to take advantage of local Serbian tax benefits, as well as those available under the Serbian tax-treaty network;
  • You wish to ensure repatriation of profit at low tax cost;
  • You want to ensure flexible and tax optimal debt/equity financing;
  • You want efficient and effective tax risk management.

Our services:

  • Analysis and recommendation of the most appropriate type of presence based on your business objectives;
  • Selecting jurisdiction and form of the holding company which ensures low tax cost profit repatriation;
  • Setting up a tax efficient and flexible financing structure;
  • Analysis of the possibility of utilizing local Serbian tax incentives as well as those available within Serbian double treaty network;
  • Analysis and recommendation of the most tax-efficient exit strategy;
  • Full implementation support.

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