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Support in ERP and tax accounting software implementation

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) includes a broad set of activities supported by application software that helps a company manage the important parts of its business. Its purpose is to facilitate the flow of information between all business functions inside the company and manage external connections. Efficient ERP and tax accounting software represents a valuable resource for keeping tax records and performing tax calculations. They can help companies to free up administration resources and to focus on other value-added activities.
ERP and accounting systems can be complex and their implementation often requires significant changes in the work practices of the staff, which takes considerable planning and adjustments.
PwC methodology ensures that you will have detailed and customized plan in order to ensure the success of ERP implementation. In this respect we can assist you during implementation of ERP systems in your company or review quality of tax information produced by implemented ERP and tax accounting software.

 Your situation:

  • You wish to ensure that your ERP and tax accounting software can match tax, legal and accounting requirements;
  • You need efficient and reliable tax data collection and processing;
  • You want to provide tools for efficient strategic planning of future tax liabilities and effective tax rates;
  • You need support in designing the solution for generating easy overview of tax information and tax calculations to the management of the Company;
  • You want an efficient presentation of tax records and tax calculations during inspections by the Tax Authorities.

Our services:

  • Advising during the process of selection of software provider;
  • Ensuring that tax records have all necessary elements in accordance with tax legislation requirements;
  • Application of appropriate tax rates and tax base prescribed by the tax legislation;;
  • Mapping of tax accounts according to the officially prescribed book of accounts;
  • Performing necessary adjustments of the software in case of amendments of tax laws (e.g. change of tax rates, tax base, calculation of tax depreciation etc.);
  • Control review of implemented IT system from the above tax aspects and indentifying weaknesses.

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